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Supported residential Services

Supported Residential Services (SRSs) are generally private businesses that provide accommodation and care for residents on a fee basis.

They are not Commonwealth funded and therefore not governed by the Aged Care Act of 1997. They must, however, be registered with the Victorian government and are monitored to ensure they provide certain standards of care and accommodation.

SRSs range from small sites accommodating as few as five people to larger facilities with up to 80 residents.

SRSs are required to provide services that respect the rights of residents, safely administer medications, provide well-balanced meals and a safe home-like environment.

The care they provide usually includes assistance with showering, personal hygiene, toileting, dressing, meals and medication, as well as physical and emotional support. Some SRSs also provide nursing or allied health services.

The fees, standards and services vary, so it is important to look at as many as possible to ensure you find the one that best suits your needs in terms of level of care and services.

There must be at least one staff member for every 30 residents, extra staff to provide adequate levels of care for residents, and sufficient staff (at least one) on-site overnight to respond to the resident's care needs and to ensure the safety of residents.

SRSs are able to set their own fees and charges. The range of fees can be anywhere from about 85% of the pension to $1, 000 per week or more. Before choosing an SRS, make sure you understand all the fees and charges that apply.

What services are available?

While SRSs do not receive direct government funding, residents can access some government-funded services and community services. For example, residents may be assisted to go to government-funded services or the service may visit the SRS. These services may include allied health, mental health, disability services, veterans' affairs and neighbourhood houses.

SRS residents need to meet the same eligibility criteria for government-funded services as other people in the community.

SRS residents are not eligible for Home and Community Care services that are already provided by the SRS, such as delivered meals, home care, home maintenance and personal care. Residents are eligible for other services such as home nursing, social support and allied health.

The SRS manager or personal care coordinator will know how to access these services or you can ask your local council or community health service.

What to look for in an SRS

A good SRS:

  • Provides for the person's needs
  • Respects the person's individuality
  • Promotes the person's independence
  • Provides a supportive environment for the person and their family and friends
  • Invites input from residents, family and friends about the care and services they receive
  • Uses current practices to care for and support residents
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