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Residential Electrical Services

At SME Inc. of Seattle we strive to provide our customers with outstanding electrical service. The reason we are the electrical contractor of choice in Seattle is our team of experienced residential electricians has the expertise to help make your visions reality. From evaluating your current home wiring situation, to making electrical design recommendations, to suggesting appropriate electrical products such as plugs, switches, outlets, light fixtures, appliances, heaters and other items, the electrical professionals at SME Inc. of Seattle will help your projects be a resounding success.

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We also provide a thorough electrical code inspection. We will go through the electrical devices in your home to insure that all your devices are up to code. And if we find something that is currently not up to code we can upgrade the device while at your home. We will check your electrical service panel to check for proper connections and our professional electricians will provide your home with a complete inspection to ensure that all of your electrical systems are operational and up to code. SME Inc of Seattle will give you the peace of mind your looking for.

For 24-hour emergency electrical service, call (877) 602-3181. The licensed electricians of SME Inc of Seattle stand ready to assist you with any electrical emergency 24 hours/day. Our fully trained, licensed, and courteous electricians will arrive in fully stocked vans ready to put your electrical worries to rest! Your problems are solved with just one call because with SME Inc of Seattle, "We're at your service."

Swartz Electric presentation. Residential electrical
Swartz Electric presentation. Residential electrical ...
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Texas Electricity Service: How Residential Electric Prices ...
Residential Electrical Contractors & Electrical Services
Residential Electrical Contractors & Electrical Services ...
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